D-Textile is a project of our industrial group "Dekhan Corporation" (dekhan.com.pk). Our group is serving garments industry from last 23 years. We are the first company which introduced the concept of development and production of Tactical & Military gear in Pakistan about 20 years ago under our sister company D-Tac (www.d-tac.biz). We are a highly reputed and considerable name in manufacturing of high quality military, police, airsoft, paintball and tactical related products and accessories. Our group is known as name of trust in quality and services in international market as highly reliable OEM hub. We are working in 6 continents and more than 250 customers including top brands across the globe. "Dekahn Corporation" launched D-Textile has a successful history since its inception we started our international business journey. We are the first company which introduced concept of manufacturing specifically tactical and outdoor products in Pakistan as OEM. Since that time our sister companies are working specifically in product development and production of superior quality tactical gear for military, police, airsoft, paintball, hunting and outdoor industry.

Keeping in view fast growing and our strengthening trusted customers base was necessary to re-organize our business in more effective way. To improve our make sour smooth, better customer service and product quality, it was decided to create a new parallel setup expansion for different garments groups. With all our experience, resources and strong financial base under the name D-Textile is and additional team and setup to take care of new product lines without compromising the running production current customer experience and quality.

D-Textile team is working constantly on improving to higher level of customer services, strict quality control system with highly trained workers, state of the art factory production units and modern technologies. D-Textile is focusing on different fabrics and ready to wear garments particularly casual wears, vintage wears, work wears, fashion wears, formal wears, sports wears, outdoor wears, textile bags and head gear etc. D-Textile has state of the art attained professional expertise in woven and knitted fabrics development, graphics and designing, printing and sublimation, stitching and final quality checking systems. Each and every production segment is monitored and managed carefully to give its customers a bettr service. D-Textile has specialized in all types of fabrics and ready to wear garments i.e., work wears, casual wears, fashon wears and sports gear. Along side it also specializes in every types of bags and caps. These lines of products are our strength because our workers, modern machines, sourcing network, research and development production lines and factories are designed and developed for these types of products.

Company slogans:

We know your clothing needs better.
Customer satisfication is our business.
We deliver quality with economy.
We know your clothing needs better.


D-Textile The Team

D-Textile has energetic and skilled team which has complete knowledge of our line of products with exact equipment and materials which we need in our daily use. Customers feel very easy to deal with us, as we understand the terms, styles and materials very quickly even in most of cases we do not need samples or much information because we know our job very well. We can develop most of products only from photos website links and specification sheets etc.

Our multi religious and multi ethical D-Textile family is a very motivated team. D-Textile is spending a handsome profit share in welfare of its workers and facilitations. Our team is working under an effective management system and the supervision of our highly trained supervisor C.E.O., Mr. Naeem Khadim Tass who has attained at least 24 years of working experience to deal with soft gear production industry. Since year 2000he did take an imitative initiative to start the company from very limited sources. From the very begnning we have focused on the skill and traiing of our team to deal with every type of situation. The target was to establish a state of the art highly efficient and modern production units. Specifically to do product development and production facility for every day wears, caps and bags, according to needs of people, tactical and police gear to serve the military and law enforcement troops all over the world. At that time this was a brand new concept in Pakistan, and no body was even aware about this line of productions particularly to adept this specific line. Since that day De-Khan Corporation has a success story. Still we are the top and special company in Pakistan dealing in all types of Tactical products with work force of 650 workers and in coming few years we estimating to increase our workforce multiple times.

We have developed an energetic and skilled team which has complete knowledge for our line of products with exact equipment and materials which we need in our daily use. According to our customers, they feel very easy to deal with us, as we understand the terms, styles and materials very quickly and even in most of cases we even do not require for samples or much information because we know our field job very well. We can develop most of products only from photos, website links and specification sheets etc.


Social Compliance

D-Textile is working under Government of Pakistan's social and worker welfare laws. The company is also certified by ISO 14001-2015 Green Certification and ISO 450001:2018 Certification. Our system is also ready to adopt any other certification as per customer requirements. Child labor in any shape is prohibited in our facilities.

We are working and OEM production house with more than 500 very satisfied international companies across the world including many reputed brands of the industry with exclusive agreements.

The company target is to provide the maximum job opportunities to the people and to server industry in positive and constructive manner. To achieve our motive we have created multiple social check points short term, medium term and long term plans.


Social Contribution

D-Textile is also known for its social contribution. Our welfare organization "D-Khan Welfare Trust" is registered according to Government of Pakistan laws and terms & conditions statutory requirement of its native country. Certain percentage of company profit is being donated to help the needy segment of society and helping people in medical, food, education, social and monetary issue and problems. We have further plans to enhance our social services.


Management & QC System

D-Textile management is working under ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and CE certifications. All departments are integrated with modern ERP system.

It consists of different departments:

  • General management
  • Import and export documentations and process
  • International sales & marketing
  • Research and development
  • Production under seperate units as per work categories
  • Quality control
  • Packing and despatch
  • All departments are integrated with modern ERP system and company overall system is working under ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and CE certifications


    D-Textile has developed state of the art a wide panel of its material suppliers nationally and internationally and sourcing network and we can source any kind of materials and skills from any part of all over the world under supervision of our expert purchasing team. We have special duty free import arrangements of materials which make us competitive in our prices alongside our quality and perfection.


    Stocks & Stores

    Fast and efficient deliveries are what our customers demnand. To make it possible and to give the facilitation to low MOQ to our valued customers, De-Khan Corporation (D-Textile) has made a big investment on large segment of its resources in ready to use materials stock. We have developed very well organized store and stocking system with a worth of more than $ 24 million. Our minimum stock level covers more than 1050 solid colors and camo and multi-color printed fabrics, (many types of rip stop poly cottons, twill cottons, nyco's corduras, 1000D nylons, 500D nylons, 600D polyesters, cotton polyesters, canvas, denims, FR fabrics, water proof fabrics, weather proof fabrics, hi-tech insulations, teflon coated fabrics, UVs, oil and insect finished fabrics, kevlar, nomex, and super fabrics). Customers also like our stocking system for our ready to use stock for our huge veriety of branded and non branded accessories like metal, plastic buckles, YKK, duraflex and SBS branded zippers, nylon and polyester webbings, snaps and almost everything which is necessary for the latest trendy garments, bags, caps and modern tactical gears production


    Production & QC

    Production & QC process is the key to our success. D-Textile management and quality system is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
    We De-Khan Corporation (D-Textile) has developed state of the art, very strong and effective production and QC system based on our 20 years of experience.

    We learned a lot from the experience of the years and have developed our management, production and QC systems gradually. We are using integrated ERP system to make the better coordination between different departments.

    Our production system is working under different production categories. We have different production halls equipped with modern and automatic computerized machinery along with very well experienced work force. Our all production halls are divided on the basis of products to be made i.e., caps has a separate hall and shirt manufacturing has been allotted a different hall, to make the quality and speed better in different stitching lines and our quality control management system strictly abides as ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and CE quality standards.

    Each and every product is monitored and inspected from cutting to packing under multiple quality control layers. All operations and departments are integrated with modern ERP system to provide the best quality starting from cutting inspection to the end of just before packing inspection.